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Our hotspot network Over Intersat public WiFi hotspots at over 40 locations around Yogyakarta. We deliver high speed network to give you real feel of internet experience. Please contact our customer support for further assistance.

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Wireless Broadband Service

Intersat Wireless Broadband can provide secure and reliable access to the Internet and VPNs.
Intersat Wireless internet service provides a more cost-effective, high-speed solution for locations that would otherwise require costly T1s or satellite connectivity. It also can be used as a fully redundant backup access service for your existing T1, Ethernet, DSL, or Cable service.

  • Wireless Service Provider
  • Hotspot Management
  • Server Colocation
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Network Maintenance
  • IT Solutions

Our Network

Our network has the robustness of traditional carriers, but is designed from the ground up as an Internet Protocol (IP) network. While the traditional players are still overlaying IP services into their networks, ours was simply built that way.

Internode has invested in multiple POPs (points of presence); a private global backbone network; and multiple upstream connections to ensure a highly available network service. The Internode network is not reliant on any one upstream provider, thereby ensuring maximum performance and resiliency to normal everyday Internet events.